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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bukit Lawang and Orang Utan

If the wild is well and truly calling you then make sure you put Bukit Lawang on your itinerary. This once sleepy town in Northern Sumatra is now home to the famous Orangg Utan Centre that was created to aid primates in their readjustment back into the wild. As a visitor you are allowed to witness the amazing creatures at feeding time. Once the milk and bananas are out you can see them swing into action from limb to limb to get their grub. It is a truly privileged place to be. The only hours visitors are welcome are between 8 and 9 am and 3-4 p.m., otherwise the orangatanngs home is off limits. Remember you have to get a permit if you wish to visit the centre.

Bukit Lewang is a charming tourist town on the edge of the huge Gungung Leuser National Park. Many people to visit Sungai Bohorok tube to go to the river. Other visit to go on hikes in the lush jungle of primary rainforest. Most visitors come to Bukit Lawang, however, see the orange men of the forest - the Orang-utan!

Spend some days in Bukit Lawang, and enjoy the orang-utans, the river and the rainforest.

Orang-utan is Indonesian for "Men of the Forest". These fascinating creatures belong to the Great Apes family (along with the chimpanzee and the gorilla), which is man's closest relative. They evolved from the same evolutionary tree as man, and studying them helps us to understand our own origin.


PAUL said...

A visit to Bukit Lawang and Orang Utan must reward you with incredible lifetime wild experience, same as Trekking Gorillas in Africa

Henry said...

This is a Must See Destination in the World. Like in Africa we have Uganda and Rwanda most famous for Gorilla Trekking safaris

petter joe said...

monkey were a funny animal. Petter Joe