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Monday, June 3, 2013

Purchase Your Surfboard and Go to Nias, A Surfers Paradise

excellent surfboard
"Where are the bad Indonesian boys?" said a group of foreign tourist while getting out from Ngurah Rai airport, Bali. Their muscular hands carried a surfboard they brought from their respective country. It must be special and expensive one, otherwise they actually don’t need to bother themselves carrying those long and heavy boards along with them, they definitely can hire it in Bali. Their faces show that they have no more patience to conquer Bali wave. The words that they have just uttered, I consider, challenging the Balinese to fight with them on the board, over there, at the tip of the sea waves.

Well, Bali is the island of tourist which has fascinating and most beautiful beaches around the globe. A big number of tourists visit the island every year. If you take a look at Kuta beach, most of the tourists are foreigners, yes local people are there but their number are less. I don’t know is the sun in their countries different from the sun in Bali, but the fact is that they really enjoy the sun in Bali, either sunbathing or just watching the sunset. Some of them were surfing, some other are playing volleyball, or merely lying down their bodies, or sitting and have some talks or any other activities. To talk about surfing, you can find places to hire surfboard over here, at the very beach, or there are many in the town, both for hire or sell. Even the classes to learn surfing are available in the town. Most of the tourists in Bali are surfers. They visit Bali to surf in Bali beaches. I met a tourist who visits Bali almost every year in the season when the wave is good to surf. But I still wonder do they know other tourism objects in Indonesia except Bali?. Do they know that a surfing paradise is in Nias, the best second surfing site in the world after Hawaii?. 

Nias Island (Pulau Nias) lies in the Indian Ocean west of the island of Sumatra. The island is beautiful and amazing is surrounded approximately 27 small islands where only 11 islands of which are inhabited including the island of Nias, Simeulue Island, Mentawai Islands and the island of Enggano. What exactly Nias Island is approximately 125 km from the west coast of Sumatra.

 Nias is an internationally famous surfing destination. The best known surfing area is Sorake Bay, near the town of Teluk Dalam, on the south end. Lagundri coast and enclosed by Sorake bay has both left and right breaks. As they wait for waves, surfers can often see sea turtles swimming below. There are also two consistent, world-class waves in the nearby Hinako Islands, Asu and Bawa. Many lesser-known, high-quality surf spots with lots of low await adventurous travelers. Lagundri Bay is much like any other perfect surf break that is not perfect all the time. For those trying to get a slice of its real magic you will find that it is quite accessible to travelling surfers and if the place is firing you’ll be shacked like never before. Asu is located on the nearby Hinako Island chain and is a moderate to heavy lefthander that has both tube and wackable face sections.

If you are a professional surfer, pack your bag and your board then go to Nias. This is a have-to-visit surfing destination for professionals. If you are just a beginner, it’s not a sin to plan to see the best surfing area in Nias. You can arrange your board in Nias since the local people might provide it for hire, but this is only if you are a beginner. Professionals usually have their own boards; some of them have a collection of surfboards. In case you have not own one, or you want to add your collection you may order it by clicking the links below. I show you some alternatives so you can choose anyone of them.

Looks great. Definitely an advanced board. Very light has lots of flotation feels like a surfboard has you riding higher out of the water. Spins easily and at the same time the edge shape has you cutting nicely very responsive. Fully padded top deck provided great grip for your feet. I did loose a fin on the first day out as I did not want to over-tighten, they are expensive to replace about $50 for 3 replacement fins. You will likely want to purchase a case as it is fragile dings easily.

As a stand-up board, this is really built for a much lighter person. It is beginner-friendly, fingertip-light to carry, and maneuverable on the face of a wave. Its soft foam construction and urethane fins have nothing to scuff through, delaminate, or maintain, and make for a soft impact if you wipe out or clip another swimmer on a crowded beach.

The boards are not made to last, as they are light foam material with a plastic bottom. You will dent, scratch and chip the board and it's artwork just attaching the fins on.

A good option to make sure your kids will learn and enjoy surfing before investing $400+ on a more long term board. This board is not made for adults.

The size of an 8 foot board generally equates with a lot of weight. This can be burdensome for carrying, hauling, and paddling on it. The 2.0 is approximately 10 lbs. and makes easy jobs for carrying from the car to the beach (and back), weight on the top of the car roof, and making it out past the surf break.The foam in the board, and the slightly extra wideness of the board, provides the buoyancy and foundation to make it EASY to catch a wave without having to paddle like the pro's do (I've seen some guys paddle like a mad men in both Hawaii and Texas to catch a wave; experience/practice is a MUST to be able to do that with fiberglass boards). I've traded with some other local surfers to try out both long and short fiberglass boards and I can tell you from experience, that i'd much rather spend my time having fun rather than working hard out there. I can't just enjoy myself with other boards I've tried. It's a lot of work to keep the board under me since it sinks more into the water, I struggle more to swim myself AND the board out past the surf, I sturggle more to catch waves and on the off chances I do catch one, it's always short lived compared to riding the waves almost all the way into shore like I do on my 2.0. Add that the 2.0 is more durable than a fiberglass board (won't crack/take on water) and that it doesn't leave me or my wife with bruises on our knees, and it's a no brainer. Oh--and have I mentioned that there is NO other longboard that even comes CLOSE to how low the price is on the 2.0???!!! You'll waste hundreds more on fiberglass boards!

Yes, the price of surfboard varied from type to type accordingly to the size and matterial it made from. If you want to save your money by making a wooden surfboard by yourself which spend less than $100 I provide you an E-book on how to make a wooden surfboard with surfboard plan   Click Here!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Smoke Fish

Ikan Salai atau ikan sale adalah ikan yang dikeringkan melalui cara pengasapan. Di Indonesia ternyata menu ikan salai menjadi makanan tradisional beberapa daerah. Di Riau biasanya yang disalai adalah ikan Lais, orang mandailing juga menjadikannya menu kebanggaan di beberapa rumah makan khas Mandailing, hanya saja yang disalai biasanya sejenis ikan Lele. Penduduk di sekitar danau Maninjau juga punya menu sejenis, yang disebut dengan “Bada Masiak”, begitu juga Singkarak. Jenis ikan yang serupa juga ada di Aceh Tengah yang disebut dengan ikan Depik, hidup di danau Laut Tawar. Penduduk setempat juga menkonsumsinya setelah disalai, hanya saja ikan ini rasanya agak pahit. Di daerah North East India masyarakatnya juga biasa menkonsumsi ikan salai yang mereka sebut dengan “smoke fish”.
Salai Lele 
Smoke Fish di Manipur, India 

Ikan Lais
Bada Masiak
Rasa ikan salai yang khas bau asap memang belum tentu disukai semua orang, tapi bagi daerah yang menkonsumsinya menu ini menjadi menu handalan. Ada beberapa macam masakan yang berbahan dasar ikan salai. Orang Maninjau biasanya disambal, orang Mandailing digulai, ada juga yang membuat asam pedas salai, bahkan di Riau bubur salai.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Mancing Ikan Silli di Sungai Silau

Mancing di alam mempunyai keasyikan dan tantangan tersendiri dibandingkan dengan mancing di kolam. Mancing di sungai bisa dilakukan dengan biaya yang lebih irit karena ngak perlu bayar tempat, umpan gak perlu beli bisa dicari dilokasi mancing dan bisa memakai peralatan mancing seadanya. Keuntungan lain mancing di sungai, bisa menikmati keindahan alam dan bisa pilih tempat yang gak terlalu panas sehingga gak perlu pake sun block kaya mancing di kolam atau di laut.

Berhubung ikan di sungai bermacam jenis biasanya sebelum mancing ke sungai pemancing akan menentukan target ikannya dulu supaya bisa dipersiapkan peralatan dan umpan yang sesuai dengan target. Umumnya untuk mancing di sungai tidak diperlukan pelampung dan karena air sungai mengalir tentunya pemberatnya disesuaikan dengan arus sungai. Semakin deras arusnya maka tentunya pemberatnya lebih berat supaya tidak terhempas ke permukaan. Untuk mancing ikan baung dan jenis ikan yang besar kailnya juga lebih besar bekisar ukuran 8 atau lebih dan senar juga harus kuat supaya bisa melawan kekuatan ikan dan arus sungai.

Senar halus juga bisa dipakai untuk memancing ikan kecil dan ikan Silli. Umpan bisa memakai cacing tanah atau udang sungai. Cacing bisa didapat di pinggiran sungai, lebih baik cacing air yang hidup di pinggir sungai yang basah. Ikan Silli biasanya hidup di pinggir sungai di bawah sampah-sampah sungai.

Ikan Silli bentuknya seperti belut hanya lebih pipih, berwarna coklat bermotiv batik di tengah badannya dan bersirip seperti ikan. Siripnya tajam, maka perlu hati-hati untuk memengangnya, gunakan kain atau alas tangan lain agar tidak terluka. Rasanya pun hampir sama seperti belut hanya aromanya sedikit berbeda. Kalau digoreng aromanya mirip ikan lele yang disale.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Madani Hotel

In the mid of hard hotel business competition, Madani Hotel existed to compete the market. The three star hotel which located on Jalan Sisingamangaraja in the centre of Medan, diagonally opposite to the Mesjid Raya and across the road from Yuki Simpang Raya shopping centre, has a specific characteristic in comparison with other hotels. The Hotel run on the basis of Sharia system. I think this is the only hotel which has religious nuance.The architecture of the hotel is fully the style of Melayu, adopting the architecture of Maimoon palace and Mesjid Raya.

The hotel has 172 rooms with various types. The room rate starts from Rp. 410.000 for Superior upto Rp. 3.750.000 for Royal Suite Room.
The facilities of the hotel as follow:
- Vast lobby
- Gelora Ballroom with the capacity of 1.500 persons
- 5 meeting rooms with capacity of 200 persons each hall(Istanbul Hall, Jordan Hall, Doha Hall, Dubai Hall and Bahrain Hall)
- Wi-fi internet access
- Travel agencies
- Barber Shop
- Restaurant
- lounge
- Spa
- Shuttle bus from hotel to Airport
- ect

Room rates:

Superior room Rp. 410,000

Deluxe room Rp. 475,000

Executive Deluxe Rp. 635,000

Executive Suite Rp. 1,200,000

Family Suite Rp. 1,700,000

Madani Suite Rp. 2,400,000

Royal Suite Rp. 3,750,000

Monday, December 8, 2008

Tangkahan, The Hidden Paradise

Road map to Tangkahan
You could enjoy a range of adventures in the hidden paradise, Tangkahan, the ancient rainforest of North Sumatera in the mount Leuser where you will discover Indonesia's best kept secret. You will be amazed with the views of canopies and incredible wildlife, rivers with pure and clear water and various tropical flowers.

Tangkahan is located next to Gunung Leuser National Park about 105 km from Medan City or it takes time about 3 to 4 hours by vehicle. You can go to Tangkahan by renting a car or by public buses (Pembangunan Semesta) from Pinang Baris Bus Terminus directly to Tangkahan. Buses run three times a day, started at 08.00 am, 01.00 pm, 03.00 pm or with the following route; Pinang Baris-Simpang Robert and then two wheelers from Simpang Robert to Tangkahan.

The followings are what you'll get in the hidden paradise.

Forest Trekking
You could learn more about flora and fauna in the rainforest while enjoying your trekking inside the heart of the paradise. You could hike over mountains and across rivers to encounter the natural wonders of the rainforest. There are some fasilities that are provided for full day trek+caving+tubing. Just equipped yourself with some track tools such as bag, shoes, suitable dress or hat. The camera, though not compulsory, but it's quite necessary to shoot some particular pretty views, rare flowers and scene.

River Cruising
Experience the River safari by tubing along the Batang Serangan River while taking pleasure in watching around, see the long tailed monkeys, wonderful rainforest vegetation, various birds, and if lucky you will meet Kedih (Presbytis Thomasi) an endemic primate in Gunung Leuser National Park. You can also swim in the clear blue water and then drift yourself away back to Tangkahan shore.

If you want to experience staying at the camp, there also available a camping ground area between the jungle and the river, sufficient for 30 tents. Feel the rare occasion living in harmony with nature.

This is a kind of adventure trek and you must be fit and healthy enough to walk through the ancient rainforest and crossing a lot of rivers, streams and hilly areas. You need 3 hours to reach the Bat Cave. A skillful guide will accompany you. To return back, you have a choice of tubing down the fast flowing river, or walking through the fruit trees in the Orange and Durian groves.

Elephant Trekking
It is an exciting package as you could experience the sensation of riding over an elephant's back for an exploration by using the Conservation Response Unit's patrol elephants. These elephants help to monitor the forest from any crimes and at the same time could accompany you to explore the forest.

Visitors could choose four comfortable accommodations next to the park, namely Jungle Lodge, Bamboo River, Mega Inn and Green Lodge, designed for family, standard and deluxe. The restaurants provide Traditional Karonese food & beverage, Indonesian food and western food and beverage.


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